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So, today I’m going to try to finish posting the characters in My Airship Team. And once again, I’m sorry for having so little info. Once I figure It all out I promise I’ll post something on it.

Okay, so first up today we have the Old Man. He’s sort of the leader of the team, and Captain/Owner of the airship. Though he physically resembles a man in his 70s and handles himself in battle like a man in his 20s, one actually knows how old he is. He has never actually given a a number, but it is commonly excepted that he is likely well upwards of 100 years.

By nature he is a kind spirited old gentleman, with both an grandfather-like wisdom but also a lighthearted vigor and thirst for adventure. At times he has trouble balancing feeling like both a young man and an old one, often resulting in avoidance of becoming to emotionally involved as he knows that he can likely never be more that a father figure (and usually concludes it would be better that way). This secret sense of being “off balance” has created complications on several occasions in regards to romantic relationships (though not with any members of the Team itself.) He is capable of a loud, commanding voice, but is normally soft spoken, thinking in his head and only saying what he means. He’s capable of being both outgoing and compassionate, but also serious, intense, and even threatening when the moment calls for it.

He typically caries a cane with him when dressing causally, but when fighting he dons a dark helmet adorned with red wings and mid-length metal rod with red caps on either end. This he wields skillfully as a blunt instrument, but it is also capable of being wield like a firearm, with can shoot blasts of reddish energy from one end.