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@JDJ2508 said:

Woah how did you get the sword to glow around the edges it is amazing

Hope this helps:

1. Color your sword.

2. Go into either “ItemRight, Energy” or “Backgrounds, Shapes”.

3. In backgrounds, shapes it’s either of the two faded circles on the last page, In itemright, energy just about anything will do, just experiment with the look.

4. Place/shape so that the part comfortably covers the majority of the blade. You can get bigger sizes if manually type numbers in the scaler.

5. Color the part using a similar color scheme to the swords blade. Consider changing the line color as well.

6. Fade the colors. You should see a slider in the top right hand corner of the color picker, use this to fade the color you have selected (i.e. Prime Color, Secondary Color, Line Color). This will require some experimentation to fine tune, but that should be all you need. Toy around with varying combinations of color brightness, what colors you fade more, and how much you fade you make it.

It seems a bit tedious, but it’s not.