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This metalloid being comes from a race with no names, but to his friends he is known by “Silver”. He and and his fellow team members travel their strange world in a huge airship, fighting monsters, demons, and other fantastical villains. He is almost 70 years old, though his race can live to between 200 – 250 years, so he technically quite young.

This is his standard appearance (standing just a few inches over 7 feet tall), and in this form his abilities are simple; great strength, great speed (and the ability to sustain that speed for long periods), and advanced agility (he is also learned in one of his peoples forms of martial arts). He is also capable of reaching out with his mind and detecting other living things and within short distances and determine whether their intentions are good or evil. He usually very quiet and zen-like with has a deep love and respect for trees, and though a he experiences emotions as deeply as most sentient beings, his race very rarely expresses those emotions, or allows themselves to make incorrect decisions based on said emotion.


However, often during moments of intensity (emotionally, during battle or the like) he will transform into a more severe being due to a strange mutation he possesses. His eyes will glow red, and his metal-like skin will turn black and grow spikes. His entire body emanates a hot, reddish glow, and his eyes and hands burst into red flames. Three gill-like vents open on either side of his neck and from these jet excess heat and fire.