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This big bad mother is actually a human being who went through a hell of a metamorphosis.
Mauro was born sometime in the middle of the 15th century. He was a good, hard-working man but a drastic turn of fate sent him spiraling down to the most horrible poverty.
Not able to find a legal means of sustentation, he turned to breaking the law and was caught stealing food to satiate his starvation. As punishment, his left hand was chopped off and the rest of him thrown and locked in a cell. During a riot, he managed to escape but stumbled and fell inside a pit of strange black fluid.
Out of the pit and again on the run, he came across a small group of knights fallen in battle. Among the armors and weapons that were scattered about, one caught his attention – half a gauntlet that ended in three spiked-ball-and-chains. He took it and inserted it at the end of his left arm and surprinsingly noticed that it was a perfect fit.
His body started to ache. His temperature started to rise. His skin started to fall. He fell down to ground on his knees, then on his side and stayed there until it all turned black. And never woke up…
Well, at least not again as Mauro… For he is now known among the villagers as… CONVERSUS