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Five down, two to go. Here’s Gamma Guardian


Real Name: Pharanq W’Qer
Known Aliases: Gamma Guardian, The Guardian-Commander, Frank Walker
Abilities/Skills: energy manipulation, super strength, flight, invulnerability
Weakness: Earth’s oxygen based atmosphere is toxic to him, so he must wear a breath mask at all times.
Pharanq W’Qer’s home planet of G’ma, deep inside the Vaecor Dominion, is a harsh one. High levels of radiation coupled with a mostly argon based atmosphere make it impossible for most live to survive on G’ma. The G’mannites themselves adapted to their environment. A typical G’mannite can absord most of the dangerous energy the planet throws at them. The Guardians however, are not normal G’mannites.
The Guardians are a subrace of G’mannites that are capable of channeling the absorbed energy, granting them many wonderous abilities. As such, joining the military is mandatory for them.
W’Qer was the proud Commander of the Guardian Legion for over a decade and a half. Under his leadership the Guardians were respected as a exemplars of justice and bringers of peace throughout the Dominion. The generous High Prefect Magnonnius IV was more than happy to use their extraordinary powers in this fashion.
Sadly, all men must die and a High Prefect is no exception to this rule. Magnonnius’ son, Draxur, followed in his footsteps and took on the office and the responsibilities that his father had had. However, Draxur was a spoiled and vain man who believed that the prosperity of the Dominion should be spread beyond its borders.
And so, the Guardian Legion was transformed from a benevolent peacekeeping force into a murderous horde. W’Qer was ordered to commit atrocities in the name of the galactic nation he once so proudly served. Finally, he just couldn’t take it anymore.
He traveled to the next planet on Draxur’s conquest and tried to warn the people there. To his horror, he discovered that the denizens of this primitive planet neither had the means to understand him, let alone escape the oncoming onslaught.
Stories of the strange alien soon spread and Bishop sought him out. The telepath was able to establish rudimentary communications. During his years as an agent for the I.D.E.A., Bishop had met a lot of men like Draxur and he was not impressed. But he also knew that the world’s armies were ridiculously outmatched and that the I.D.E.A was to mired in bureaucracy to be of any assistance. So he gathered the group of talented individuals that would later become the Infinity League to face the threat of the Dominion head-on.
After all was said and done, and the Dominion left. W’Qer was left stranded on the strange world he had come to protect. With the help of his new team mates he constructed a secret identity, aided by a holographic image inducer and an instant translation device. As Frank Walker, he’s a kind and fair police officer, but when the stakes rise he faces it as Gamma Guardian.

one of my favorites !I love those colors!