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Thanks Weilyn. The next member of the team. Mageia

Real Name: Parvati
Known Aliases: The Witch of Pompeii, Mageia
Abilities/Skills: spells, shadow creature conjuration, extensive occult knowledge
Parvati was born into servitude during the height of the Roman Empire. Her highest ambition could never be more than pleasing her masters, a rich but childless couple from Pompeii. Parvati’s mother was not born a slave. She was captured during a raid on her village far to the east. Unbeknownst to the Roman legionnaires that captured her, the woman was a priestess and a very powerful magic user.
It was from her that Parvati learned the esoteric ways of the eastern witches and she quickly showed an aptitude for conjuration.
Years passed and life in the Roman villa stayed unchanged. However Parvati’s masters desired an heir above all other things. Yet the lady of the house was proven to be barren. The couple went to every priestess of Juno they could find, but their efforts were fruitless and it seemed that the families bloodline would end.
Until one of the servant girls let it slip that Parvati’s mother had vast knowledge of arcane practices that could no doubt solve the family’s plight. The woman however, still harboring resentment towards the Romans, bluntly refused.
A slave however does not refuse its master and get away with it. Parvati was forced to perform the ritual in her mother’s place. Sadly, the ritual asked for a human sacrifice to create a life and seeing no other use for a rebellious slave the Roman woman offered up Parvati’s mother.
The guilt Parvati felt over the slaying of the woman that gave her life, threw of the ritual. When the Roman woman gave birth to the child, they discovered that it was horribly disfigured. Parvati’s life was forfeit because of this, but on instinct she opened a doorway to a shadow dimension and the creatures within wreaked havoc on the household. Unable to reign in the terrible forces she had summoned the shadow beasts went on to ravage the Pompeii for weeks until finally an army brought an end to the matter.
Parvati was captured, but dead seemed to light a punishment for a crimes so heinous. So she was entombed alive and surrounded by runes that would keep her alive for all eternity whilst also binding her magical abilities.
And so Parvati lay there for centuries. Until a series of earthquakes disrupted the runes and allowed the young witch to escape. Untouched by time, but quite mad, she quickly regained her magical abilities and set out to take vengeance on the unsuspecting Italians that were living in the nearby village.
The Infinity League was called in to take her out. But once Bishop figured out what Parvati had gone through, he managed to calm her down. Because obviously no prison could hold her, he asked her to join the team so that he could keep an eye on her.