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Character Contest- Old School Brute

1. Quake- Corrie Toren was an up-and-coming model and actress on her way to a movie premiere when tragedy struck. A glowing red meteor hit the ground directly in front of her and shattered. Her bodyguard (and brother), Trevor, took the brunt of it, but a large shard lodged itself in Corrie’s eye, giving her increased size, strength, and massive durability. It also drove her mad. She now calls herself Quake, taking whatever she wants through force of strength.

2. Tremor- Trevor Toren, having received similar powers to his sister, at the cost of several glowing, red crystals fused to his arm and back, was recruited by the government as an enforcer against super-powered threats, including Corrie. Every now and again he finds himself taking out an old picture of them together, remembering better times.