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the M E G A

I gotta say, browsing around some of the other hero galleries on these here forums has really given me a lot of story and character inspiration…

There is one thing I’d like to do as sort of a story / detail interpretation challenge, if anyone’s interested. The premise will be that I (or whoever wins the contest) writes a short story — or uses a passage from a longer one, if they so wish — as structure for the other contestants to play around with. Everyone votes on whichever incarnation they think best fits the descriptions of the character in the story, and the winner gets to kick off the next competition. I’ve always been intrigued by multiple representations of the same character, and hopefully this will help myself and others find that perfect model to base their hero’s appearance on.
So, let me know what y’all think. If nobody responds, I’ll just go ahead and try the topic out in the Art Contests and Challenges page, but it’d be cool to know who’d be willing to participate first.