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Poster child and eternal devotee of the Westoond Empire, Borgo Allan Paraf has shown enough pride and loyalty to his country for a hundred lifetimes. Ever the war-hawk, Borgo began honing every muscle in his body and tempering his combat skills from the moment he could walk, distinguishing himself quickly in the eyes of his military superiors as well as the Emperor himself. If ever there was one man who completely personified the goals and strengths of Westoond, it was without a doubt Sir Paraf.
Borgo was briefly stationed at an outpost in the Aura forest during the last few years of the woodland conflict, but the glory of battle continued to elude him and his outfit of soldiers. Upon his return to Ghetty city, an offer of promotion was sent his way, one which he turned down at first due to his insatiable hunger for combat. He was afraid that if he accepted a job not directly related to fighting among infantry, his wish to prove his abilities would become nothing more than an empty ambition. However, after some careful persuasion by Emperor Melarz, who took a particular liking to Borgo and easily befriended him, he accepted the offer and moved to the capital to begin his guard duty at the emperor’s palace.
It was during his stint in West City that he became privy to the inner working of Westoond’s government and secretive military discussions among the war council, consisting of only a handful of the empire’s top ranking officials and politicians. With Lord Melarz’ apparent assassination at the beginning of the Thardian War and the disappearance of the remaining members of the war council, Borgo was left to lead the punitive West City soldiers in defense against the Xellian invasion. Separated from his men, he came across and rescued Rados, an ambassador from Tros, with whom he eventually escaped the city and became allies with another two survivors of the siege, Brian and Alexis. Together, the four of them traversed the deadly Aura jungle and battled soldiers from a variety of allegiances, as well as a number of supernatural creatures who had crept their way into Venteran from a crack in the rift between dimensions. After merging with the mystic guardian Hephaestus, Borgo temporarily adopted the incredible powers of his spectral ally, allowing him to shield his allies from harm in many dangerous situations.
In Ghetty city, Borgo reunited with the war council and it was revealed that Emperor Melarz survived the attack at the palace by clever use of a synthetic flesh stand-in, whom the emperor was able to convincingly operate from a distance using magic. With his hope for winning the war refreshed, Borgo continued alongside his countrymen all the way through to the final battle on Hades plains, where he aided Rados and Brian in making it to the throne room and forcing the Xellian armies’ surrender.

When Lord Melarz’ health began its decline after many long years of using magic to prolong his death, he entrusted Borgo to take over the throne. Borgo governed the empire as best he could, but when New Xellaus began its conquest, there was little his stalwart forces could do to prevent being overrun by Emperor Hadron’s superior technology and genetically-enhanced soldiers. Borgo made his last stand in the fortress on Ballast island, keeping the New Xellaus invaders at bay long enough for word to reach Tros about the sudden, fierce instigation of war. Even with the help of Ballast’s revolutionary tools of warfare and the steeled resolve of Westoond’s last few battle-hardened soldiers, Borgo and his troops fell to the might of Lord Hadron’s relentless attacks.
As one of the key players in ending the Thardian War, Borgo gained renown which surpassed even that of the immortal Emperor Melarz himself, and paved the way for Westoond’s rekindled fighting spirit toward the end of the Alraune War.
Borgo the Guard: Though his father and grandfather warned against being tempted by a life of violence and combat, Borgo enlisted the first chance he got. In the waning years of the Woodland conflict, his installment had friendly run-ins with Trosian garrisons with a pair of officers with the last name Onklet, men whose significance Borgo would not learn until many years later.
Borgo, the Elitist: By his 30th birthday, Borgo had established himself as a stern and uncompromising drill sergeant in the Westoond militia. His methods of conserving stamina and increasing mobility by shedding what he calls “unnecessary layers of armor” sparked something of an equipment and protocol enlightenment immediately after the Thardian War, foreshadowing to the lighter and more efficient combat uniforms meant to be used in conjunction with ballistic weaponry.
Borgo, the Armorer: Also referred to as the Dragoon by fellow soldiers, Borgo acquired incredible powers from his fusion with the mystic guardian Hephaestus, including the ability to expand an invulnerable wall of armor from his own defensive chassis and procure metallurgic weapons out of thin air. Like all who merged with their other-worldly protectors, Borgo’s powers diminished significantly by the end of the Thardian War, but his strength, resolve, and willpower remained legendary long afterwards.
Borgo, the Tudor: No longer in his prime, Borgo reluctantly took to arming himself with prototype machinery which enhanced his own physicality and battlefield presence. Whether inside or out of his quadripedal combat vehicle, Borgo gave hell to any and all who dared oppose the mighty of the Westoond Empire.