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I give you the legendary squire, Sir Rados Kent Onklet — hero of the Thardian War and purveyor of truth and justice on planet Venteran. The blood of a famous Nautilian templar runs through his veins, as does the favor of many Supreme Beings for his valor and courage in the face of unbeatable odds and certain death. He hails from the Wetan province of the Trosian Republic, a formidable yet highly reserved country built on the ideals of free enterprise and widespread utopianism.
Rados was not always such a fearless braveheart, however… growing up, he thought nothing of the notions of glory in battle or the thrill of combat; instead, he was quite content with running the family business which, after losing both his paternal father and grandfather in the waning years of the Woodland Conflict, had come under hard times. In his ignorance, precautions against a weakened economy during the corrupt reign of President Kerigges fell short, and his textiles company went under. Rados kept what little money was left after the economic collapse and left it with his mother while he left home to seek employment and a new future for himself. Unfortunately, he could find no means to support himself financially, and was reduced to begging in the city streets until, one day, a humble man of nobility approached him with a wild offer to help him run a campaign for the upcoming presidential election. A skilled advertiser, organizer, and speech-writer, Rados’ assistance miraculously tipped the balance in his employer’s favor and won him the president’s seat. From then on, he was President Ventaros’ personal squire and parliamentary manager, with a large enough salary to afford a house in the capital city and any luxuries his heart desired.
Then, on the eve of the most devastating conflict since the Century War, Rados was assigned to personally deliver important documents to Westoond’s Emperor. After a rigorous journey across two continents, he arrived at Westoond’s capital of West City, only to be caught in the middle of an assassination attempt on the Emperor, immediately after which the city was invaded and made siege by the armies of Xellaus, the secluded kingdom which dominated the southern continent. Upon regaining consciousness, Rados suffered from selective amnesia and struggles to remember the most basic of details about himself or the world he lived in. In his ongoing escape from Xellian soldiers occupying the now ruined city, Rados joins forces with a surviving West City guard, a cleric from the north continent’s Aerrian Order, and several supernatural beings who made their way into the realm of reality from their own twisted dimension. Eventually, Rados makes it out of the city alongside Borgo, Brian, and Alexis, a defecting Xellian markswoman.
Together, the four of them plunge into the Aura woods and face the horrors of many dark-spirited refugees from beyond the rift, as well as Xellian pursuers, savage tribesmen, and servants of the corrupt Aerrian paladin Michael Vonae. Rados and Brian become separated from their traveling companions and make the acquaintance of Darian, the wayward prince of Domino, the eastern continent. They reunite with Borgo and Alexis at Ghetty City, inside which they discover Westoond’s auxiliary forces and help in the city’s evacuation when the Xellian army catches up with them. The Westoond armada sets sail and heads south through the Trosian channel, where a fleet of Aerrian ships loyal to the paladin Aaron Vaktrus rendezvous with them. With battle plans drawn, their combined forces begin a two-front final assault on Xellaus, with Westoond setting up a base on Daiy ridge and Aerrio coming in from the Kokkaru forest. Rados, Borgo, and Brian find each other on the field of battle and make their way into castle ghorre, where Lord Throat awaits them. Separated from his friends, Rados faces the war’s instigator alone, calling upon his spectral allies to expunge the evil demon possessing Xellaus’ king. His clarity and kind nature restored, Lord Throat declares his kingdom’s surrender, effectively ending the Thardian War.

Rados returned home a true hero and married his fiance. Instead of returning to his role as Lord Ventaros’ aide, he took advantage of his newfound bravery and strength of will to enlist in Andross’ Vanguard and become a knight, quickly rising through the ranks until he became a lieutenant under General Damcyan, the high commander of Tros’ military. In twelve years time, Rados’ talents would again be needed, for in that time, Xellaus estranged prince had built up a powerful army and begun a conquest in Westoond. Andross Vanguard succeeded in redirecting the New Xellaus invaders away from the capital long enough for Lord Ventaros and his entourage to escape, but the unexpected arrival of paladin Brian Altic forced Rados to lead a garrison of knights into battle alongside his old friend in order for him to survive. This act of selflessness ensured Brian’s safe return to Aerrio and his persuasion of the Order to take action in the war, although it came with a heavy price.
Rados and his soldiers held out as long as they could against the New Xellian garrison, but their genetically-enhanced infantry proved to be too much for them. For the extraordinary accomplishments of his life and the weight of his sacrifice, praises of Rados’ incredible loyalty, valor, and perseverance echo from one end of the universe to the other, as well as through the rift, where his spiritual friends await his reincarnation.
Rados, the wandering swordsman: Just prior to the start of the Thardian War, Rados unknowingly helped prince Hadron, the missing son of Xellaus’ king, across Tros and into Westoond.
Rados, the lost squire: In the aftermath of West City’s invasion, Rados battles Xellian occupants and his own failing memory.
Rados, forrest knight of Venteran: With help from the wise Chief Aura, Rados reunites with his first spectral ally, the aquatic samurai Valor, and merges with him to temporarily gain superhuman powers which help him and his friends survive the treacherous jungle.
Rados, hero of the Thardian War: Re-equipped with Western weapons and armor, Rados prepares for the momentous final battle on Hades plains.
Rados, the white knight: While searching the Astras library in Tros, Brian encounters a silent guardian with a familiar fighting style and discovers his old friend Rados has adopted his title of “White Knight of Tros” once more.
Rados, the Vanguard’s knight lieutenant: In his final moments in the living world, Rados comes face to face with an old foe, the impossibly quick Latcher, whose dagger seals his fate and incurs the wrath of Rados’ remaining friends in the remainder of the war.