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The question comes to mind, “Who do we get our inspiration from when we create HM creations?” If I were to answer that question, I would definitely say AMS is a huge influence on my HM creations and work. So in homage to AMS, I present a Revamped Captain Mathias Valentyne!

Captain Valentyne Revamped

This piece took me roughly 6 hours to complete. My longest project and I do believe it’s my best! There are parts of the character that I need to fix again, such as the torso piece and pelvic area. It had it’s flaws, but I think I did alright my first time around with this type of technique! This is my first time attempting the techniques used to highlight and shade like AMS, so I hope you all enjoy this piece! As always, criticism and feedback is always appreciated! Thanks!

Also just a side by side comparison to show progress!