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Welp, the imagination train has been down for quite sometime. I actually went to a character idea generator. This is what I got back:

“This secretive ninja is tall and has a masculine build. He has no skin. His deep-set eyes are violet. He has teal hair worn in a style that resembles a flame. He uses a weird form of martial arts that emphasizes knocking one’s opponent out and using punches. His preferred weapons are axes. He is skilled in juggling and lockpicking.”

I actually like this generator thing. Yes, generator thing. It helps whenever I can’t think of something! When I thought about it, if he has “no skin” he could be a spirit or soul projection. I turned my character into a sort of ghost like ninja, but still has the physical characteristics of a human being. I drew some imagination from characters like Ryu Hayabusa and the ninja from Mark of the Ninja into the idea of my new character, Astral. Being an apparition, he can’t be stopped by physical attacks. Only other forms of combat can stop him, and with little to no information on how, he is virtually unstoppable. For now at least. I used a Tyrian purple for the eyes and a teal blue for the armor. I do like the Hex Code option. Definitely brings those colors that aren’t in the pre-sets to life! I think I might build form this character more to get back into the gist of machining. It’s been too long, so it isn’t my greatest, but I’m working! As always, feedback and criticism is always appreciated! Thanks!