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Figured that be the route to go. xD It’s nice to have an awesome community that can give great feedback and advice. It’s a great way to express imagination and creations with other people with the same interests!

I just thought I’d leave this number here just to include in my portfolio of art. The Angels of Vindication. I entered it in one of the contests hosted on here and it isn’t my best, but I hope to integrate it into my story arc of the Elementals! Any feedback and criticism is always appreciated!

The Angels of Vindiciation: A Single Angel

Today was a slow day for me today. It’s not my best, but it’s something I manage to conjure up with my imagination. Give or take an hour or so. I would like to introduce the newest villain I’ve created, dubbed by the feared name: Dogma! In league with the Angels of Vindication, Dogma is an ex war-mechanic turned rogue. Using his knowledge of mechs and parts, he has pieced together his own suit of armor with an extending outer of protection, giving him a Quadruple Bladed advantage in battle. Known for his affiliation with the Order of the Fox (the Order that The Foxtress and Dynafox are apart of), he dons the Mask of Allegiance in great disgrace against the Order that took away everything he once held dear. As always, feedback and criticism is always appreciated. Thanks!