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Welcome Matt. Please make sure you read the…… (rereads previous post), damn you beat me too it. Oh well.
As for your character, good posing, like the use of items (though the gauntlets on the wrist are too big). For future reference, when highlighting, try to use a lighter shade of the colour (in this case yellow or blue) instead of the white for a more natural shine. White tends to only work well when the opacity is turned down very low or when shading grey/ silver. Also, to really make the character pop you could try adding shadows to places on the body you would expect to find them (under the arms, neck, inner thigh, those sorts of places). And unless the hair of your character is covering their ears, try not to forget to add them in, it’s something that does distract and make the character seem odd. But not a bad start either way.
Look forward to seeing more from you.