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Thanks for the reply Herr! That’s a great idea to fix the pointiness of the elbow haha. I started working around it trying to proportion the arms or elbow and that’s what I ended up with, but it makes a lot of sense to use the lines of the insignia to fix the elbow. Thanks for the feedback and advice!


I never thought I’d work out two HM Heroes in one day, but it seems I just had a lot of free time to work today. This is my latest heroine in the group of heroes that I soon plan to come up a story for (Hopefully by this week)! Her name is Princess Serpentina and I will work out the backgrounds and powers of my characters throughout this week as well. I think I’m starting to grasp the idea of highlighting as I feel this is a better example of me attempting highlighting than compared to Cyan Gale, but I have noticed some improvement from there to here. Any feedback and criticism is always appreciated Thanks!

Princess Serpentina

Had some extra time to do some revamped versions of some of my characters. Here’s Princess Serpentina revamped. I tried a differently style of shading and highlighting, not sure if I’m big on it though. Here’s a story to accompany to picture: On the day of her coronation as the succeeding Queen of Roma Prime, The Principality (those that oppose the state of Roma Prime) commenced a mass protest against her coronation. Tempers rose and weapons were drawn as riots took place all across Roma Prime. Serpentina watched her family be captured by the Principality as she barely escaped the riots, emotions high with a vengeance deep inside of her.

Sorry my writing skills aren’t exactly top notch, but I just wanted to fit something that could potentially progress to her story. Do I see an Exyle team up? As always, critiques and feedback is welcomed!

EDIT: I think one of the reasons why I have her in this pose with tears is that perhaps she is fighting her way out of Roma Prime with her emotions pushing forth her anger, hence why the sword is raised and the arm is facing outward. She’s tearing because of her emotions as she fights her way to safety perhaps?

Princess Serpentina Revamped