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Kaylin88100 said:

Two desks: one for drawing and other art, one for my computer. And this computer would have several screens so I can have one on HM3, one on the forums, one on YouTube…you get the idea. Also, one wall FULL of books and another FULL of DVDs and CDs. Did I forget to mention the huge TV? Oh yeah, and an amazing sound system to play the CDs on. Smile

I'd also need a lot of paper, pencils, pens, colouring pencils, paints, paintbrushes… (for my art, obviously) Smile Good lighting is the other essential.

Lots of reference material for drawing would be nice…but then what's the internet for? I would need a printer and a scanner, though. A scanner is the one thing I would really like but don't have. Frown

You can get a printer/scanner real cheap now day, plus they have a hand held wand too, but it's not as cheap. Your cave sounds a little like mine, but with out the DVD's and CD's.