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Herr D

Twice now, I have assembled my mancave and had it overrun by household changes. It consists of a stereo, computer, and a desk/bench of my own design composited of two desks and an entertainment center. Desk, cp, stereo and filing cabinet are one piece with a clamping arm attached, suitable for holding a clipboard, assembly manual, embroidery hoop or notebook–that’s 7′ long. The bench part has a 6′ x 3′ work surface with most of an entertainment center 5′ h x 5′ w mounted above it. The shelves are stuffed with tools, materials, and trays which hold individual projects in various stages. One rolling chair completes the whole thing. I’ve had less than 2 months total use of it, but I’ve worked on it in metal, wood, wax, stone–and I painted, drew, sewed as well. And on the computer, I wrote and used a form of AutoCad. I designed it for ease and speed of multitasking and switching media.