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Don’t worry, Fanfer – this contest, unlike some of the others, isn’t about making a great image so much as about making something funny, and getting a joke across in a visual way. I know there are a lot of artists on the forums that maybe aren’t as practiced with shading or poses, but have a great sense of humour and want to share some of that with the community. This contest is a place for them to do that.

For the record, though, I think your image is great. A bit simpler than some, maybe, but that’s OK. You’re new, like you said, and you’ve got time to grow and improve. Everyone is learning from each other here, and we’re all aware that no-one knows everything. I think you’ll fit right in, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

As for not knowing what else to add, I think the key to a lot of jokes is not to overcomplicate them. Sure, you could have added a background, and shading and so on, but that wouldn’t really make it any funnier, in my opinion. It would add to the image, but not to the joke – and the joke is what I’m after. So, simplicity and a minimalist approach is good there. In fact, it might actually be better – work too much detail into something and you might lose the joke entirely! Laugh

Thank you to everyone who’s entered and commented so far. I’d love to see more coming in, and there’s no restriction on the number of entries you can make. I know some of you will have lots of ideas and not know which one to enter – so make them all! Cool