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Mad Jack

Wow – now I’m really blushing. You’re too kind folks…

But uh-oh. What have I done? Didn’t think I would raise expectations with my little stories – I made most of them up “on the go” while posting the respective picture here. I’m currently working once again on an extensive website to go and try presenting my whole universe of superheroes to the world with a background story connecting all the ideas I had in my head for many years – but sadly it will be in german at first and is far away from being presentable at the moment.

But then again – why not posting the main background story here first? And even in english! It might take more time to write it down since I’m not a native english-speaker, but again: Why not? I’ll try my best. So stay tuned – the whole story will come in the course of the next few days (and maybe weeks) after a little nip and cut on the tweaking places…