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Mad Jack

Great, somehow the pictures of my previous post were deleted. No wonder that I received no response. Well, I fixed it now. Confused

Now I want you to meet a member of the subordinate class of the Xi’bala. But don’t forget: Beware of Aliens Bearing Gifts!


The Xi’bala are split into two different subspecies – those with powers and those without. Each member of the first subspecies has a different, individual supernatural ability that makes him superior to the second subspecies and therefore they also represent the ruling elite in a culture that is characterized by the principe “only the strong survive”. Even as children the Xi’balba have to fight against each other to the death in different environments to prove their worth to society.

Despite their rather “rough” culture, they early on developed a very high technologial standard enabling them to travel the multiverse in order to spread their species over all universes. That was until one day 3,000 years ago, when they finally encountered a race that was able to pit themself against the aggressors: The Mata’Nui!

After a long drawn out war the last surviving Xi’bala were in the end “imprisoned” in an universe with only one habitable world: Earth SP-091. Of course the Xi’bala wouldn’t let it get them down that they were seperated from their space travel technology and soon bounced back by becoming the terrifying gods of the resident Maya civilisation for several centuries before they were eventually forced into hiding by the coming of the “modern” ages.