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Mad Jack

@Vengeance said:
Okay Mad Jack the Forgotten is way awesome really enjoy the golden age / silver age look and feel
Dude you are gonna make me want to do a group
VERY VERY well done

Thank you very, very much. Yeah, I think I got more teams than loners by now. Guess it’s me remembering the saying “Together we persevere.”… ;)

@ams said:
WOW! What a work load with The Forgotten. Fantastic stuff. Costumes designs are clean and crisp.
Great job! Happy New Year and Cheers!

Thank you! That means a lot to me coming from you… Laugh

@dblade said:
The Forgotten are awesome!

Thanks! Cool

@DiCicatriz said:
Nice work with the Forgotten! Very prolific.

THX! Everything is possible with enough time at your hands, I guess… Smile

@Legatus said:
The Forgotten are awesome.

Danke! Laugh

@Linea24 said:
Of all the Forgotten members, my favorite has to be Man O’ Metal.

Thank you. Women like ardent men, don’t they? Wink

@Camruth said:
Man I wish I knew how you managed to get Silver Streak’s Insignia looking so good, I’ve been trying for a week to do that damn thing!

That’s quite easy done with a few rectangle insignias. You just have to move all items (see option under ‘transform’) a few clicks up in the Headshot view – that gives you a better look at what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s also very helpful to move an item “freehand” while holding the mouse button. I use a so called marble mouse (a sort of trackball) for years – that allows me to work much more pixel-perfect. Smile