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Mad Jack

Here comes the first governmental sanctioned European superhero-team (composed of the founding members of the European Union):

From left to right and front to back:

WUNDERKIND from Berlin, Germany:

Thomas Schramm is a person of great and varied learning (polymath) and able to learn an incredible amount of knowledge at amazing speeds, picking up skills, languages, fighting techniques, etc. in no time at all. He has a perfect (eidetic) memory as well as photographic reflexes and never forgets anything he ever saw or read.

RED LION (Roude Léiw) from Luxembourg City, Luxembourg (my home country):

Thierry Schmit has the ability to transform into a half-human, half-cat creature, gaining the feline features of a lion. In his werecat form he has heightened senses (including an unusually well defined sense of smell which he can use to track people by scent), increased strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and a slightly accelerated healing factor.

ATOMIUM from Brussels, Belgium:

Albert Franquin is able to alter the molecular structure of his body and transform it into the matter of any object he touches. He can duplicate the physical properties of both animate and inanimate objects and even certain forms of energy. This way he can turn into steel, stone, wood, glass, water, fire, snow, and silk – to name but a few – and also mimic the superpowers of others to a certain degree when he touches them.

MAQUIS from Paris, France:

Jacques Bertrand is a highly skilled telekinetic with the additional abilty to project fields of psionic force which he can manipulate into a number of forms whereby the complexity of the shapes is only limited by his ability to imagine or mentally visualize a particular form and keep it in mental focus. The sizes of his projections can range between that of a marble or a bullet and that of a dome with a mile in diameter. He can cause the surface of his fields to be very hard, depending on its thickness (steel-like at about 2.5 feet), or as resilient as foam rubber.

FORZA ITALIA from Rome, Italy:
Francesco Fiore possesses superhuman physical strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability that are approximately 5 times greater than that of even the finest human athlete. He is also capable to boost one of these attributes at a time to its maximum for a short period and can thus for example reach supersonic velocities for a few minutes by further increasing his speed.

AGENT ORANGE (Agent Oranje) from Amsterdam, Holland (Netherland):

Rutger Van der Vaart’s body is that of living gas(es) and he can only achieve a human state again temporarily. This makes him nearly unable to live outside his specially built containment suit but makes him mostly invulnerable to physical harm at the same time. It gives him also the capability of transforming his body into any type of chemically produced or naturally occurring gas, either a pure elements or with complex compounds including mono-molecular mists.