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Mad Jack

From New Haven, Connecticut – The Constitution State – FIGHTING YANK (II):
Carter Farwell was a high school history teacher in New Haven who one day gave his students the task to create their family tree. This lead him to research his own ancestry and on the search for documents he found an old trunk with the inscription “Bruce Carter – 1778” in the attic of his grandmothers house.

When he opened it, he discovered an age-old cloak and a same-aged tri-corner along with a slighty younger-appearing mask and a diary with the label “Bruce Carter III – The Fighting Yank – 1941-1971”. As he couriously grabbed the diary, his hand touched the old cloak and it began to glow in the half-dark attic. At the same moment the ghosts of two man appeared in front of him.

Frightened to death by the apparition Carter ran screaming to the hatch to the attic, but stumbled just before his goal, fell down the steep ladder and fell hard to the floor in the hall below, where he eventually lost consciousness. When he woke up several hours later he found himself in his own bed, unaware how he got there. On the bench at the foot of his bed he found the cape and the hat from the trunk together with the diary.

Although he was prepared for the apparition when he touched the cloak this time, he let out a silent scream when the ghosts actually appeared again. The two aethereal men hovered in the air in front of Carter and stared at him with glowing eyes. When asked who they were, they replied that they were his grandfather and his great-grandfather, and that their spirits were condemned to restlessness by their failure to complete their respective missions. But if they could help their descendant – Carter Farwell – to fulfill his own destiny, there would be hope of salvation for them.Inspired by the heroic acts of his grandfathers Bruce Carter and Bruce Carter III, and with the tutoring of their ghosts, the young Connecticuter high school history teacher Carter Farewell picked up the haunted cloak of his ancestors and accepted the challenge to use his heritage to become the new Fighting Yank and to serve his country his own way. Worked into his own mordernized costume the cloak grants Carter superhuman strength and invulnerability, along with the ability to channel the spirits of his ancestors into himself, thus becoming even more stronger, faster, and almost immortal.

From Cedar Rapids, Iowa – The CYCLONE State:
Possesses the ability to manipulate the wind and create high-velocity winds about himself. He is able to summon cyclones and whirlwinds with speed and force sufficient enough to allow him to lift and propel himself through the air at fantastic speeds and rotate his body around its lengthwise axis as fast as 400 revolutions per minute, while still being able to speak, hear, and see his environment. He can focus the created air currents into a jet stream powerful enough to lift others, blast a hole through a brick wall and even tear down buildings.

From Chicago, Illinois – Home of the Chicago OutfitTHE UNTOUCHABLE:
Working a case against the then boss of the Chicago Outfit, former police detective Elliott Earp became a vigilante, when a bunch of corrupt cops tried to take him out and left him for dead. Taking advantage of the belief that he was dead, Earp went underground and spent years traveling the world, training himself to intellectual and physical perfection, deepen his variety of crime-fighting skills, including chemistry, criminology, forensics, and learning martial arts, gymnastics, disguise, and escape artistry. When he finally returned to chicago he built himself a secret new identity as the “Untouchable” – a merciless and ruthless crimefighter who swore an oath to rid the city of all evil. Although he has no superhuman powers, he is one of the world’s smartest men and greatest fighters. His physical prowess and technical ingenuity make him an incredibly dangerous opponent.

From Tulsa, Oklahoma – The SOONER State:
Existing in three time periods (past, present and future) within 30 minutes at the same time and only loosely anchored to the present, he can see what will happen in fifteen minutes and change the events leading to that specific future be “jumping” back 15 minutes to the past through concentration. Through the constant manipulation of his own quantum state he is also able to switch between alternate timelines and parallel dimensions at will. Fun fact: he hates spoilers…

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – The Steel City – US STEEL (The first industry-sponsored superhero):
He has the ability to convert the tissue of his entire body at will into an organic steel-like substance that appears to be analogous to carbon steel and remain in that form for an indefinite period of time. In his armored state he possesses a normal degree of mobility and his strength is increased to the point that he is able to lift over 100 tons easily. Also, while in armored form, he can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days and become invulnerable to most forms of bodily harm. He is capable of withstanding ballistic penetration and a collision with a fully loaded, ten-ton flatbed truck at 100 miles per hour, surviving extremes of temperature from 70 degrees above absolute zero (-390 degrees Fahrenheit) to approximately 9000 degrees Fahrenheit and falls from great heights, and even resisting an explosion of 4500 pounds of TNT to his face.

From Richmond, Virginia – The CAVALIER State:
On a horseback ride with his favorite stallion “Black Fury” the Cavalier had a freak accident that made ​​him a modern centaur. When a glowing meteorite hit the rider and his horse in a park, the two were unexpectedly merged into one being. Studying the “meteorite”, he discovered that it was in fact a highly sophisticated machine that was able to fuse any organic matter with another one. Over time he learned to control the machine, allowing him to transform back and forth at will. As the Calvalier he has the full horsepower of his pet and the intelligence of a human being – along with those (aristocratic) manners…

From Point Pleasant, West Virginia – Home of the legendary MOTHMAN:
Gifted with precognition the Mothman emerges at places of future disasters or crimes to warn the people or to help them fight supernatural events and other bizarre phenomena. No wonder he’s considered to be the infamous creature from the legends himself. But in fact he’s “just” a mutated human with wings, precognitive abilities and heatvision. No cryptid here… *um* … I think.