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Mad Jack

@Anarchangel said:
How about this?

Thanks – actually I already knew that link, but the only somewhat usable thing (for a superhero idea) in there was the “pumpkin-heads”. But that may be a little too far-fetched since it’s an very very old expression. Don’t think that’s still used … Confused

@The Atomic Punk said:As for Connecticut, what about “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court?”

Yeah I thought of the Yankee approach too – especially since Mark Twain lived there until his death. But everything I see when I try to imagine a Yankee is a loudmouthed fat man in bermuda shorts and hawaii shirt with a camera around his neck and a beer stein in his hand. Guess I’m damaged by too many american tourists visiting bavarian castles and the Oktoberfest. Laugh

Another prominent Connecticuter would be Samuel Colt, inventor of the first working firearm with a rotating cylinder, generally known as a revolver. Not sure how that could be used though…

Vermont has the “Green Mountain Boys” from the American Revolution.

Hmm, I don’t know – not very much potential there for a superhero, I think. I read a lot about Vermont (like about all 50 states) but that didn’t help me lot – the only exceptionel thing about Vermont was in my eyes, that Montpelier is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonalds. And of course that Vermont was the birthplace of the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy – but nothing of that really screams “superhero” to me … ;)

But all in all that’s a good start with those suggestions – keep them coming… Cool