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Mad Jack

Wow guys, I’m absolutely overwhelmed with all that love coming my way. I’m really glad of your reactions and already having some ideas for the time after this 50-states-marathon: International Heroes and Teams themed after their countries (an idea I picked up from the great ams).

But first I have to finish the last 12 (probably even 14) members of the All-Americans, which could prove to be difficult since I lack any inspiration for Connecticut and Vermont. Unlike all the other states it seems like I can’t find anything special about them to work with on a superhero – no good nicknames or legends I’m aware of, nothing. Maybe one of you has a suggestion for these two states – or at least a few useful links (other than wikipedia) with informations? I would really appreciate your help here …

@The Atomic Punk said:
I love Bugeater, but any hero from Nebraska would have red in his/her costume.

Okay – here’s a red version just for you. What do you think – does it work? ;)