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Mad Jack

@DiCicatriz said:
Wow! You’ve been busy

Like I said before: waaaay too much time at my hands…

Although in this specific case I had most of the characters already lying around in my proverbial drawer for quite some time and just had to go over them with the new techniques I learned in the forum by such formidable artists like yourself. Some of those heroes were even already shown in my very first post on page one. The only really new characters I had to make up for “Battle Watch” were Gladiator (Iitaly), Johnny Canuck II (Canada), and Golden Eagle (Mexico).

@DiCicatriz said:
Love the international concepts. Nice job on the Mexican superhero and incorporating the eagle symbol.

Thanks! I tried to avoid hackneyed clichés (apart from the mexican drug cartel thing) and when I looked up the national symbols of Mexico the crest on its flag was the first thing that catched my eye. The rest was easy…

@Jeimuzu said:
I really like Boomslang, cool costume and I love his powers.

Thank you very much! Actually Boomslang is one of the rare cases where I used photoshop and vector art to create his costume. You can see more of that here.

As for the powers: It’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel – but you certainly can improve it.

I find it hard to come up with an all new power that didn’t already exist in one way or another. So, most of the time (not always as proven lately) I stare at a character after I finished it and wait till it “tells” me what kind of power would best match it – while sometimes browsing the really usefull SuperpowerWiki at the same time.

Also, when I found the fitting power I often look up various existing characters from the “big two” with similar powers, take parts of those powers and mix them up until I get a new power that I think (or rather hope) is even better then those of its “donors”.

In a nutshell: I rather try to be inspired by other characters powers than to just clone them. Hope it shows …