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Mad Jack

@JR19759 said:
Sorry, we don’t have mafia, we just have gangs.

Well, I think that’s what happens if you translate too literally from german to english. We use the word “mafia” in a much looser sense of the term for everything that has any semblance of organized crime. Like “Döner-Mafia” (kebab mafia) for some guys who defrosted and refrosted the same meat repeatedly and sold it after two years. No kidding – that happened a few years back.

We also don’t really have mob bosses in suits all that much, more often black leather jackets with gold chains and rings, stuff like that (the mime guy fits quite well with that sort of aesthetic, not sure about the rabbit).

Ouch – I guess the movie that inspired the “mime guy” is to old for you to know. Which would make me very old in turn. Actually he’s a homage to Alex from “Clockwork Orange” – a classic movie based on a controversial book by Anthony Burgess. Maybe you should google that one… ;)

Mr. White (the rabbit) on the other hand clearly references to the White Rabbit from the book “Alice in Wonderland”. He isn’t necessarily a mob boss – maybe just another gang member with an old school touch. I thought about him as a teleporter (seeing the white rabbit leading Alice down the rabbit hole to wonderland).

But thank you for your description of the mob bosses – I’ll definitely use that for the according leader of the gang.

I have to say though, I love the idea of a rabbit with Ray Winstons’s voice.

Yeah – Ray Winstone would be a good voice for Mr. White. He was great in the movie Sexy Beast with the equally superb Ben Kingsley. But I would prefer the “Guv” – I love that actor, especially currently in the third series of “Mad Dogs”. Actually I’m watching all tv series (both UK and US ones) in english – even if I have sometimes trouble to understand the actors when they start to talk cockney like the previous mentioned Philip Glenister in “Life on Mars” or his brother Robert as Ash Morgan in “Hustle”.

If you want ideas for cockney mob characters, watch any Ray Winstone or Guy Ritchie film.

When I asked for suggestions I actually meant for characters that fit into the scheme of famous british movie or book characters like the above mentioned Alex or the White Rabbit that could somehow be used as models for superheroes/-villains, if you take my meaning…