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Mad Jack

Another magician:


At an age of 75 years Pierre Laroche was still a prestigious professor of physics and chemistry at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he one day discovered on one of his daily strolls through the stately old pile an ancient alchemy lab in the catacombs under the university.

From manuscripts found there, he gathered that the laboratory once belonged to the infamous alchemist and Illuminati Alessandro Count of Cagliostro, who 1785 stayed in Paris and undertook trials with artifacts here, which were said to possess magical properties. In one of these manuscripts Cagliostro claimed he actually managed to isolate the source of magic itself and to make it useable at his pleasure.

Knowing that Cagliostro was a notorious conman in his time and his statements regarding the alchemy were to enjoy with caution, Professor Laroche held his discovery secret and took the documents home with him, where he studied them closely in the following days thereby discovering several alchemical formulas that looked quite promising.

Finally, driven by curiosity, he tried one of these formulas and concocted a brew in his private laboratory that, according to Cagliostro, should give a person eternal youth and control over magical energies – a prospect that seemed very tempting to the professors due to his age and infirmity. Following the motto “nothing to lose” Laroche drank the concoction and collapsed shortly afterwards in great pain until he finally lost consciousness.

When he woke up the next day and looked in the mirror, the shock hit him because the sight of a young man in it. In the days following he realized that he, in addition to his regained youth, seemingly possessed the ability to use electrical devices like his toaster or his coffeemaker without electricity.

Pretending to be his own grandson, whom he had signed over his entire fortune, Laroche sank into obscurity and went on a secret trip around the world looking for documents and artifacts about alchemy. Within a few years Laroche was the greatest living authority in the world on the subject of alchemy, having discovered or invented countless potions with strange properties.

Over time he became arrogant and began to use his knowledge for personal profit. He eventually became the supervillain “Technomancer” who amplifies his latent magical abilities through the use of technical equipment.

Laroche does not age and has a greater stamina than could be expected. Besides his enormous alchemic powers (such as elemental transmutation, creating golems and magical items, and so on) he is able to fuse magic and technology entirely and can in this way, among others, bring machines to life and control them, communicate mentally with computers, transfer his spirit into machinery, create technical constructs of all kinds and much more. He can also make magical devices operating similarly to technological devices (like mirrors serving as video screens) and use technology in other ways then intended – like TV remotes to control a persons motions or even reality itself – the latter to a lesser degree though.