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Mad Jack


One of the 99 species that has been enslaved and left behind by the harvester as they fled the Earth. The real name of this specimen is unknown, as it is unpronounceable to humans so he goes by the name Alien8, since he was the eighth alien that has been taken to a reservation in the middle of the Grait Plains which has been set up specifically for extraterrestrial refugees and is more reminiscent of a detention center through its firm control by military forces.

Based on its physiology, it is assumed that Alien8 comes from a planet whose gravity is half as high as that on earth and whose atmosphere has a high content of sulfur, but it seems as if it is possible for it to use other sources as an energy supplier for its metabolism thanks to a complicated mechanism of external respiratory organs.




PS: If anyone could help me with a pose I’m looking for, I would be very happy. Maybe I can offer something in exchange? Please have a look: “Pose Aid”