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The man in charge of FIEND’s various genetic experiments such as Zero and Arachna is, in fact, not a man at all. Marvin is a little green man from a planet several galaxies away from ours, who has been abducting and experimenting on the inhabitants of Earth since the 50s. His knowledge of genetics is far beyond what even us humans know, but as Earth’s technology advanced and humans started becoming aware they are not alone in this universe, it grew harder and harder to find new subjects to experiment on… And so he turned to FIEND, striking a deal with them that he would provide them with the fruits of his experiments if they provided him with plenty of subjects to run those experiments on. Although he claims his interests in Earth are purely scientific, other members of FIEND have been noticing increasingly suspicious behavior from Marvin, and some believe his kind might be plotting a full scale invasion in the near future.