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I’ve always kept every HM creation I make in a special folder on my computer, so no worries here about losing anything if UGO gets shut down. It’ll be sad to see it go if that happens though, I’ve got some fond memories there from my times as a young’n.

Anywho, here’s my very first creation to post on these forums. A character from a new sort of universe I’ve been playing with in my head, based around the idea of a stereotypical Fantasy setting that’s reached the modern age after severl centuries. First few characters I’ll be uploading here will probably be part of that.

First up, we have Officer Ghuldar, an Orcish police officer working for the DTPD (DragonsTongue Police Department). In the city of Dragonstongue, Orcs are reluctantly accepted into society but often forced into either heavy manual labor jobs or the police force and military. Ghuldar believes himself to be a role model of sorts for Orc rights in Dragonstongue, but really he’s the perfect example of just why the population fears Orcs and forces them into jobs that exploit there brute strength. He’s somewhat infamous for his usual police tactic of “smash first, ask questions never” and the large amounts of damage to public and private property he’s prone to causing.