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While there are many cases of heroes becoming villains in FIEND’s history, DJ is one of the few villains among them to become a hero. After being orphaned by an experiment let loose by IQ, the diabolical mastermind decided to take her in as his own adoptive daughter… In hopes of manipulating her into becoming an agent of FIEND. However, much to IQ’s dismay she showed very little interest in the science and evil practices he tried to train her in, her passion instead seeming to be music. In an attempt to combine DJ’s love of music with his own villainous goals, IQ crafted for her a pair of gauntlets capable of playing CDs and MP3s, and then converting the music’s sound waves into multicoloured blasts of pure energy. This invention was just what he needed to get DJ to start fighting for FIEND… Unfortunately, fighting for FIEND is what made her start paying attention to the many atrocities the organization committed, and drove her to breaking free from the group and using IQ’s invention to fight against them as a hero.