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It’s been awhile since I messed around with HM, but now I’ve given myself a bit of a challenge… I found this chart that lists a pretty large variety of super powers, and decided to create a large set of characters each with one of those powers (Except for a few that are much too specific). The concept for which being a large group of relatively minor super-criminals that have banded together to become a much larger threat to the world. So, here are the first four members of “F.I.E.N.D.”

A cookie to whoever can come up with what FIEND should stand up for, ’cause I’ve got no ideas there.

An escaped convict with a powerful metal jaw that allows him to simply bite through and devour some of the strongest materials known to man. When he was born without a lower jaw due to a rare and strange condition, his rather poor family bought the metal replacement from a mysterious black market supplier.

A carnie worker with a mutant ability to grow and inflate any part of his body at will. He quickly grew fed up with handing out balloons for bellow minimum wage once he discovered he was pretty much a living balloon, and turned to a much more profitable life of crime.

Re Jenn
Formerly working for one of the oldest professions in the book, after a rather savage beating from her “employer” Jenn discovered her ability to rapidly regenerate any wound. For awhile after discovering her powers she tried fighting as a vigilante working to whipe out her former profession, but due to her methods being much less than heroic she ended up sent to prison for several murders.

Night Terror
A mysterious being from another realm, looking directly at its face causes hallucinations of all your greatest fears that end up driving most men mad. Its motives are unknown, but once it joined forces with FIEND it became clear that the creature did not come in peace.