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Just one look at Hades and you can tell, this man is evil, right? Actually, wrong. Hades is simply a man haunted by a reputation, a reputation that is not even his own. He was actually a rather kind man before the Awakening, despite his rather grim choice of career as a mortician. However he did have a habit of trying to comfort the friends and families of the bodies her worked with. The Awakening however left him horribly disfigured, the skin of his jaw simply rotted away to expose the bone underneath, as well as dead bodies around him seeming to reanimate at random as brainless puppets. When the demigods became exposed to the public and he was discovered as the reincarnation of Hades, society shunned him rather than worshiped him for the same reasons you probably did. They knew Hades was supposed to be the evil god in Greek mythology, and his appearance and abilities did not help things much. They assumed he would be evil as well and judged him not for himself, but for the reputation carried by his name. As such, he has been one of the most vocally opposed to the treatment the other demigods seem to receive, putting him on the side of Hephaestus and the others who just don’t want to be worshiped.