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Decided to start on a bit of a new project here now that’s seperate from the FIEND stuff. So lets begin with the first of my new story-in-progress, Demigod.

The story follows a group of assorted individuals who on the exact same day seemed to have strange and god-like powers awakened within them, most of which seeming to come with rather tragic side effects. These people then begin to learn that they were demigods, reincarnations of figures from ancient Greek mythology. Though much weaker than their original selves, in the modern era these people are still considered gods among men and quickly find themselves worshiped by society once their existence is discovered. Some of them embrace this power and glory while others, the heroes of this story, just want to be left alone and return to their normal lives.

First up is Hephaestus, the main protagonist. Originally just a humble mechanic keeping his father’s old garage in business after he passed, a man who preferred to just stay out of people’s way and live his life in peace. Of course on the day the Demigods awakened, any chance of him living a life of peace and quiet was lost. The day his powers awakened, Hephaestus was actually… Dead. While doing some repairs underneath a customer’s car, the jack lifting the vehicle broke, dropping the car on top of him and crushing him. An ambulance arrived shortly after to take him to the hospital, but he was already a goner and died along the way. And then, the Demigods awakened, and with them so did Hephaestus. He awoke in the middle of a street, surrounded by smoke, several screaming people, sirens, and the smoldering wreckage of an ambulance.

After the shock of his sudden revival wore off, an intense pain overwhelmed Hephaestus as if his skin was on fire… And that pain never faded, as every day the reincarnated forge god feels his skin constantly burning even when there isn’t a single flame near by. Unable to live with the constant pain, Hephaestus attempted to take his own life the day following the Awakening… And discovered the cruel irony of his new found powers. He could not die. As soon as his heart stopped beating, his body would just rise up again in a massive blaze and he would be alive once again as if nothing had happened. He was a man who now had a death wish, yet could not die.