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Few men could keep a city like Dragonstongue under control… Thankfully, the mayor is far from any man. Mayor Bahamut is, as I’m sure you can guess from the name, a dragon… And a powerful one at that, both physically and politically. However, whether he’s an effective mayor or not is under constant debate. After winning the vote based mostly on his campaign to give Dwarves the right to marry in Dragonstongue (Something once frowned upon due to the Dwarven marriage traditions that many find to be barbaric), Bahamut has shown a rather… Unprofessional attitude towards his work. His lust for gold that is nature to all dragons leaves him often wrapped up in several scandals, and there are many stories of his odd political tactics shared by the populace (Such as, for example, the time a necromancer terrorist organization threatened to bomb the city and his plan to negotiate was to invite their leader to meet him for a mug of ale and a round of cards). However despite his rather quirky antics he is still loved by the people of Dragonstongue as even through all his blunders, he somehow keeps the city a pleasant place to live.


Close-up view included to show the details of his face and campaign pin.