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Here’s the next member of The Sinners, and already one of my favourites. I also provided a very zoomed in face shot to give a better look at the details put into her face, because I’m quite proud of how it turned out.

Aside from being cursed by a demon and being able to conjure spiritual creatures to do her bidding, Sloth is your typical lazy teenager. She flunked out of school quite early on due to her disregard for doing any sort of work, and likewise was kicked out by her own parents for the same reasons. Thankfully after her curse developed she’s found a new family within The Sinners, much like Wrath, whom she views as a sort of big sister and relies on for protection if her spiritual guardians fail. However the beast that The Sinners must fight seems to have a special interest in Sloth, for unknown reasons. This could have some relation to the way her curse simply developed on its own rather than being directly placed on her like the other six Sinners.