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Here’s the start of a new little group I’m working on, known as The Sinners. Believe it or not in their story, these are the good guys. A group of seven individuals suffering from a demonic curse, each one representing one of the deadly sins. Although they are hardly heroic individuals themselves, they are forced to work together to stop an even more vile threat that intends to eliminate all of humanity as we know it. So, here are the first three Sinners: Wrath, Greed, and Gluttony.
Perhaps the most aggressive of The Sinners’ seven members, Wrath had always had violent tendencies and an extremely short fuse. Spending her childhood in various orphanages after her parents were slaughtered by the same monster that cursed her and the other Sinners made her quite unstable, especially when the curse caused her to grow a pair of horns and the unholy mark upon her face. Outcast by other children she began to lash out against them and get into fights, which lead to her constantly being transferred to new orphanages where the cycle would only repeat. As an adult now however, she has finally been able to find a family of sorts within The Sinners, and is prone to extremely violent outbursts if any of them are threatened or harmed.
Most people find Greed hard to trust, and with good reason. Before he became cursed, he was a rather notorious criminal. A conman with ties to several black market arms dealing rings, his priority has always been whatever will give him the most money. Though he has shown he is loyal to The Sinners (due to the threat they face potentially killing off anyone and everyone he could profit off of), the others aren’t sure how long that will last, as it would not be difficult for somebody to pay Greed to turn against the rest of them.
While Wrath is the most aggressive of the Sinners, Gluttony is actually the strongest. However, being cursed at birth lead to his mind not fully developing and thus becoming quite mentally challenged. He is trapped in a very child-like state of mind and has trouble grasping many basic concepts. The only thing he seems to understand is “Eat more, get bigger, get stronger” as the more Gluttony devours, the more his strength grows to match his increasingly gargantuan size.