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@Herr D said:

Suggestions for Rane? She looks too scrappy to be just a sentry or a gopher. Too casual and memorable to be a spy or an office worker. A scout, someone who walks / rides a bus into town, uses charisma and / or faked street cred to get an in with the local underbelly. If nothing odd is happening, she makes a memorable declaration and leaves. If crime is changing, she collects a bit of knowledge that may be useful and leaves, and reports in with it.
“Rane in Hamilll City.”
“Cats and dogs?”
“Scattered showers, unreliable reports, reporters awfully late.”
“Holes in the ozone?”
“South end of town, weather service has done nothing. Sports anchors leaving the channel.”
“Broadcast at eleven – leave the channel.”
“Yes sir.” Click.

[you might get a better suggestion for sports anchor, here I have it meaning local drug lord–‘recreational’ ‘authority’]

wife’s suggestion: “I never forget a name or a place. You want someone found? I’m the one to ask. I also have a knack. You ask me to figure out which bank is fronting for the mob? It’s the one I got change at when I got to town. You want me to find a low-life? He’s the guy who buys me a drink from the table next to you. You want me to tell you which cop’s dirty? HE’S the pig that roughed me up last week when I wouldn’t help him frame some homeless guy. Name’s Rane. As in Rane of terror all over YOU, ^&*!”

I really like your suggestion. Especially the part about her being a scout-like character, since I was trying to create more of a rebel/double agent who goes into the crime and is able to not draw attention to herself as she finds out what is really going on. Do you mind if I use your idea?