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I’ve been having floods of school work thrown at me, so this is the first character I’ve done since the start of the final exam cram.

Okay, all I have on this character is that her name’s Rane, she has no powers, and she is with the Warders (edit: a source of infomation for the Warders). I haven’t come up with a backstory or additional infomation on her, so any suggestions would be very welcome.
Edit: Thanks to Herr D, I now have a basis for Rane’s and personality. Rane is a unorthodox reporter who will uncover the most obsure and important info about the criminal underground and its happenings. She is the one who doesn’t ask for an interview, but instead stalk a person mercilessly until she gets the information she needs. She is also known for her creative cuss-subsitution language and her very unorthodox ways.