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I’m going to go ahead and continue on with my superheroes, and see what I can come up with.

Name: Irena Nye
Aliases: Virtual Realty/VR
Age: 16
Alignment: Superhero
Associations: The Warders
Powers: Control over electronics, track electricity, can travel through electronics
Skills: Professional gamer and programmer

Irena was always the girl in the corner. She was always called names like Weirdo and the usual garbage little kids call those who don’t belong. Irena one day, tired of all the name-calling, picked up her favorite toy, a little toy duck that played music, and disappeared. Her parents came into her room right as she reappeared. Her parents shocked, they locked up everything she owned, in order to prevent Irena from disappearing again. 11 years later, Irena became the most wanted programmer and the top professional gamer, but she makes sure she does not use her powers when competing. Irena joined up with the Warders so that she could discover the identity of her rumored twin.