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@Trekkie: Thanks

Here’s a character from the planet Listri, in the Luit system.

Aekli Flya

Name: Aekli Flya
Aliases: n/a
Age: undisclosed
Alignment: Former First Class Sergeant of the Listrian Defense
Associations: Listri, but she is in exile to Felinae for breaking protocol
Powers: manipulation of electrical signals

Aekli is a reptilian fae, as the Felians call her race. She hails from the planet Listri, which is a dying planet in the Luit system. She was once a First Class Sergeant of the Listrian Defense, but, due to her outright protest of the practice of forcing new recruits to endure very hard trials, she was removed from her post and exiled to the newly discovered double planet system of Felinae and Antia. Since the beginning of her exile, she has become a reliable source of help to the Guardians of Tesine.