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And here is the Guardian of East Faein Veri, which my sister helped me design.


Name: Feres
Aliases: N/A
Age: undisclosed
Alignment: Guardian of East Faein Veri
Associations: East Faein Forest, Guardians of Tesine, Lost Fae
Powers: limited ability to read minds, telepathic

Feres is one of a rare kind of fae who cannot shapeshift. This kind of fae, known as the Lost Fae, instead are telepathic and they are able to read minds to a certain extent.
Feres is one of the last Lost Fae to have survived the Great Collapse of Astrell. In fact, she is the only one to have fled to the Faein Veri. She tends to distance herself from other denizens of the Faein due to her somewhat…withdrawn personality. She lives near the fae refugee city of Fethdene, but she is often shunned from the city because of many of the city’s people’s fears of someone who could possibly be able to control their minds (it’s only a rumor, though, since Feres can only read the thoughts of those who have had physical contact (like a quick touch) with her for more than the time it takes to blink five times.

While making this picture with my sister, we realized how much it looked like me.
(Edit: Pose credit: Harliquin