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Thank you, all!

I’ve decided to give a few of my “homeless” random characters a place in this new series.
Here’s a pending list for the Guardians of Tesine, arranged by location. (Yes, I am referencing an actual map, I drew it myself)

Ashdea Faetians (“faetian”-mountian): Xevina (missing)
Reason for disappearance: Was kidnapped by a fairy going by the name Merti who was practicing summoning other Felians.

Ashdea Seldare (“seldare”-plain): Renagade


Icydili Faitn (“faitin”- valley): Ice Ether

Icydili Waters: TBA

Icydili Veri: Shadesia

Chadesia Seldare: Merin


Lensa Faeyla (“lensa” lake”): TBA

Lensas Lyndei & Itinarell: TBA

West Faein Veri: Davan

picture pending

East Faein Veri: Feres

Faein Waters: TBA

Apere Veri: Alyide

Apere Waters: TBA

Lensa Lynditide: TBA