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Thanks for the comments!

Here is my entry for the current contest, as well as a start on a new group of characters.


Name: Esiwen
Aliases: Shadesia (“Shade”-light, day “Esia”-sky, cloud, atmosphere)
Age: undisclosed
Alignment: Guardian of the Icydili Veri (“Veri”-forest); superhero
Associations: Icydili faeries, Esi family, Guardians of Tesine (a land on Felinae that is landlocked, where most of my stories on Felinae take place)
Powers: Flight via use of magic
Shadesia is one of the Esi family members who have learned the family secret of using magic to fly. While it seems that using magic to fly is very common among magic users, it is not usually possible and as such is often declared impossible by magic researchers. The Esi family, however, somehow were able to manipulate magic in a way that allows them to fly.
Except for flying, Esiwen is magic-void, meaning she cannot manipulate magic on her own. She uses a heirloom staff she inherited from her father to make up for this flaw.
As the only Esi member of the present generation, Esiwen is the last of her line. She took up the mantle of being Guardian of her home forest when the last surviving member of her family (besides herself) died in a magical fallout incident that could have easily been avoided. Without another Esi to pass on the magical heritage of the family to any heirs Esiwen might have had, Esiwen made the choice to leave a lasting memory of the Esi family.