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Ok, I’m going to take a break from Felinae/Antia and do some of my characters from the Astra Universe’s version of Earth.

On the Earth in the Astra Universe, there are people who have the gene responsible for superpowers. The gene in particular is rare, and those who actually show it are even rarer.

Name: Grace Smith
Aliases: Swift
Age: 15
Alignment: Superhero
Associations: The Warders
Powers: Ability to breathe underwater; superspeed

Grace Smith discovered her powers when the school bully went too far by pushing her into the public pool after hours, when there were no lifeguards around. Instead of drowning, Grace found herself breathing normally in the water. Now, since her father, Aerospace, retired from the superhero business, Grace has taken up the mantle of being the guardian of coastal Houston and has formed a group with her friends, sister, and cousin called The Warders.