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Another member of The Supernaturals:
The Mystic
The Mystics are a race livng in a parallel universe. As cosmic beings, they are to keep hold of the other universes such as the universes of other sentient beings. The human universe is known to them as “Krunla’Thalas”, or “The Universe of Stars”. Their universe is known to them as “Vyaren Elcason Ellis”, “The Universe of The Cosmics”. The Mystic Aru’Kren is the controller of Krunla’Thalas, which means he can control the happenings in Krunla’Thalas such as floods, storms, hurricanes and earthquakes. He stopped the end of the world from happening, as this was done by Xel’Seran, the cosmic being who is the brother of Xel’Victos, the leader of the mystics. Xel’Seran wanted to gain control of the universes, but failed. Since the power of Xel’Seran was so great, Aru’Kren needed to come to Krunla’Thalas to hold the power. He succeeded, but to the point that he couldn’t hold it much longer. Aru’Kren collapsed on earth, falling in the antarctic. Here he was found by scientist Sean Chase. He then discovered the mystic’s powers, making him a member of the new superhero team, The Supernaturals.TheMystic.jpg