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A little word of advise on your shading technique. Try using smaller/ thinner circles when doing certain aspects such as the helmet. Unless you deliberately want to give a glow effect (and sometimes even then) it looks messy when shading crosses lines. If you look at the left wing of Golden Emperor the three bits of shading you have done across the middle of the wing work well, there is definition between each wing piece and having some of the base colour coming through suggests shadow. If you then look at the other wing (and the bottom of the left wing as well), the shading is too large and it blurs the lines. Don’t be afraid to use multiple circles on one item, because when shading is done well it looks really good. Take time to look over your design and think, can I make this better? If the answer is yes then spend a bit more time on it. If the answer is no, look over it again, because there might be something you’ve missed first time.

If you still have the text I can have a go a shading Golden Emperor if you want and then I’ll send you the text so you can have a look at the differences.

Hope you don’t mind the criticism, I was just the same when I started shading.