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Really digging these characters of yours! The Philippine creatures are amazing; I love Kapre’s face! Did you take a little liberty with Tikbalang or does he appear as other animals besides a horse? Him I heard of before but I had to look up Kapre. As to the color scheme for your character, I like both, but the orange just pops out at you and suggests hero more. If you plan on using him how about both as in good and evil twins? True, somewhat cliched, but just an idea. Or the dark one could be a copy-cat villain mimicking the hero he hates.

Actually WMDBASSPAYER, It’s a human/horse hybrid from the Phil. Islands, so no, not really. But there are other cryptids that can actually transform to a particular animal, such as the Aswang, that can morph into a big, black dog that resembles a German Shepherd. Some say it can also transform into a bat, much like a vampire. (No, it doesn’t suck blood)