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Next of The Supernaturals: Lionhart!
Leo, as he was known in Panthera, was the greatest warrior. Not only that, he was also gifted with the ability to mutate his body parts to that of a lion. Because of his loyalty to his planet, he adopted the name Panthera. Then he was known as Panthera Leo, the warrior of Panthera. But his fate was quickly twisted by his rival, Striger. Striger accused him of killing the king, who recently died due to old age. King Khagran’s son Vyerga, however, refused to believe Leo and listened to Striger. Because of this, he was exiled from his home. He found Earth and stayed there to be his new homeworld. The Mystic Aru’Kren had visions of a great warrior of Panthera, exiled from home without a real cause. He then found Leo in the forests. He informed the Timewalker and let Leo join the Supernaturals with the codename Lionhart.